And So It Begins

I like to think that before Bilbo Baggins took his first adventure into the expanse of Middle Earth (In J.R.R Tolkien’s The Hobbit) he took a breath and stepped out the door.

Now, before I go any further I want to acknowledge something. First, yes I am a Black Nerd. If this is your first time finding out about this, then I’m sorry to break the news to you in this fashion. Despite my incredibly cool exterior, inside I am a fledgling Jedi Sentinel traveling the cosmos in a galaxy far away. For those of you who are still with me, I appreciate it. That means for some cool reason you caught the Star Wars reference and likely know the feeling, but if not and you simply read ahead because that’s how things are read, you’re welcome here too.

Second, which is in no direct relation in theme to the previous point, I am a person who dreams of writing and has had the privilege of battling with myself about it for years. I don’t write nearly enough and I have the posts about how I’ll write more on her to corroborate the story. For me, writing my thoughts in articles like this isn’t that difficult, it’s the fictional story writing that’s really hard. I wrote an incredibly small book, called Paranoia, during college and decided to stretch it out from a lengthy 5 pages into something bigger. Several weeks later, and I had a novella on my hands. I got it published and got some of my friends to buy a copy. 

Quick Sidenote:

To my friends that supported me and purchased the book, thank you. That investment into me created stories that I honestly should have shared with the world, but since you’re my friends you know I loaf rather often. But here we are. It’s several years later and I am finally clearing out the cobwebs of my inner artist’s studio and doing the work.

Anyway, when people read the book they genuinely liked it and it surprised me. I was amazingly proud of myself for writing something longer than 50 pages, so to have people really tell me how they felt about my writing felt incredible. I loved it, so of course, I wanted to do it again in an even longer endeavor. I set out to write my great Fantasy/Science Fiction novel. Now, back to the Tolkien reference.

I read The Hobbit in elementary school and was completely transformed by the adventure. I never forgot how that feeling felt and even now I still feel that rush whenever I get into a really powerful story. When I set out to write my novel I kept that in mind and tried to create an epic story in my own way. In the months that followed I started and stopped at least seven different novels. I couldn’t commit to writing just one piece, soon I stopped writing altogether. I felt inadequate. My writing no matter how dedicated I got could not reach the level of skill my stories demanded. It doesn’t make the slightest bit of sense now, but at the time this was my thinking. These seven stories were each precious to me and deserved a better writer than I felt I was. Life and experiences later helped me to see how completely silly that was. God equipped me with everything I need to pursue my passion, I just had to believe it and slowly but surely I did. I started writing articles like this one you’re reading now (thanks by the way) and experimented with short stories in the in between.  I finished a few really good ones and wrote some that really deserved to be novels. Eventually, I fell in love with writing fiction again.

And that brings us to now. Today I’ve decided to go on my first big adventure, to really produce a novel. I, like the aforementioned hobbit Bilbo Baggins, will take the first steps outside of the place I’ve been most comfortable to find something I have never seen so I hope you don’t mind bearing with me. I want to end the year with a novel of 300 or more pages of my own making and I want to do it while not being a complete ghost on my site.

I have missed a huge opportunity to use the platform to create the spaces that I wish to see, so my reader, I ask that you forgive me for not being a more consistent presence. Today is a new day and with it a new opportunity to create something beautiful with you.

And so it begins.newzealand_image


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