The Power Of You

How to recreate yourself to be the person you want.

As you read this I want you to know that you are a marvel, and I don’t mean that lightly. You, exactly as you are, are the embodiment of millions of possibilities coming together in perfect unison. You are a collection of beautiful decisions that have all resulted in the person you are flaws and all. You are a living, breathing miracle. If you’ve never thought about that give it some thought. I mean a stalled car could have created a traffic jam that slowed down your day so you would have never thought about reading this. Deeper still, the fact that you’re reading this at this moment means that you’ve survived more struggles and challenges that anyone could think of, and for that I applaud you.

Each of us fights daily battles within ourselves in pursuit of the person we dream of. We often stumble and fall during this journey but we still bravely face the day. Even those of us who loathe our lives because of the weight we carry still find the courage to wake for just another day, and you, my friends, are truly incredible for that.
Out of all the things you could do you’re still running towards a glorious but mystical future, so my question to you is this, who is it you’re trying to be?

For the last two years, I’ve quietly been on a journey to discover the best version of myself. I started listening to as much motivational material as I could at first, Les Brown’s “Are You Hungry” lead me to Tony Robbin’s “I Am Not Your Guru” and then to YouTube for TED Talks, then to C.T. Fletcher (Yes, I was Addicted to Iron) and Dr. Eric Thomas (ET The Hip Hop Preacher). I took in as much information as I could to try and build the man I really wanted to be. I learned volumes about myself and my abilities. I discovered joys and passions in balances I didn’t expect. For example, in college, learning was just what I had to do to pass a course. Now I read and learn as much as I can about the most random things because I get so much joy in knowing things and with every new lesson comes a greater realization about myself and the world I live in. All this lead me to write and really come to grips with the person I am currently. I journeyed inward and started to really deal with my behaviors, habits, and thought processes to work the man I need to be. Started talking with my inner narrator and fixed the stories I tell myself to keep me from moving forward, before finally taking a deep breath. And it led me to this realization, we sink when we stop moving.

Life is an ocean of experiences. We can take it anywhere and have everything happen to us, but as long as we keep moving things get better. Think about it like this, a fish cannot ever stop swimming. Biologically it cannot stop swimming or its fins cannot pump and create oxygen so, it has to keep going. When a fish sleeps it only slows down, it doesn’t stop swimming. In Life we can have terrible setbacks, our oceans can wreck everything, but we cannot stop swimming. Motion is a constant in the universe, everything has to move or it doesn’t exist. We sink when stop swimming. Depression, anxiety, worry, and almost every other negative feeling come from not moving. If we were to keep moving forward, keep trying, keep fighting those feelings may come through but they will pass by because there are greater challenges ahead of us. You, in your brilliance, may have taken a moment here or there to take a break. For just one moment you stop swimming and you choked. Negativity has a way of choking something within us and until you start moving again nothing new can circulate. There was a period in my life where I dealt with suicidal thoughts, and looking back I can honestly say I wasn’t moving. I wasn’t thinking about doing anything or going anywhere. I allowed my mind to stop moving and I lost consciousness. I started moving again when I decided to take each day and make it something I’d be proud of. I haven’t been the same since. You can do it too.

You are capable of changing your entire life and becoming the best version of yourself you want to be, and all it is going to take is a little movement. Start reading, start jogging, start praying, meditating, start doing something and I promise you life will change. Each day will get a little easier and each moment a bit sweeter. Just remember, don’t stop swimming.


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