Live from Elba Island: Thoughts From My Exile.

Sometimes in this life, you have moments where you come to yourself and ask, “what am I doing.” It’s these moments where suddenly you question everything, and no I don’t mean the “what’s the point” questions about whether you should continue questions, but still life-altering ones. I’m talking the questions about who you really are, who you really want to be, and then what do I really want to do. These questions are the ones that we ask ourselves day in and day out as we travel begrudgingly to our workplaces to fulfill our basic needs (to pay the bills) and hopefully have a laugh or two while we’re there. Yep, life questions.

Lately, I feel like I’ve been on a three-week bender bombarded by these questions almost as if the entire universe is waiting for my answer. While that sounded totally egotistical and self-absorbed, but the truth is the universe is waiting. Everything in your future is awaiting the moment you make a decision and pick a direction. Your entire world, your film, your highlight reel are all waiting for you to simply take a step forward.


I started reading and listening to Tony Robbins after someone recommended his Netflix documentary “I Am Not Your Guru” and I was admittedly blown away by the way he impacted everyone involved. It inspired me to try and really develop myself to live a life I was proud of.
Fast forward a few months later and I’m reading his book, “Awaken The Giant Within” and two other self-help books and the subjects all align to say one thing: the key to changing your life and being successful is to make a decision. It’s the one thing that constantly repeats no matter the author.
So I did. I made the decision to write to myself every day. Really simple. Almost a month later and I’m still writing. Despite what it may look like I really don’t love writing. I avoid it, a lot. Not because I don’t like it, but because it’s sharing yourself. It’s a form of intimacy that I wasn’t really ready for. It’s sharing yourself, and it wasn’t till I made the decision to commit to doing it the entire world seemed to align so I could keep it going.

God takes it a step further in the Bible an asks us to be either hot or cold, and never lukewarm. He wants us to decide the path and follow it through. I’ve been stuck in a place for a long time because I forgot to keep moving forward. I let my circumstances and negative emotions keep me stagnant and blind to the fact that I have the choice to fix anything in my life I don’t like.

I don’t like the man I am, and I want to fix it because I’m truly impressed with the man I know I can be. It’s time to live my best life. No excuses, no more pity parties. I am truly in control of the direction my life goes so why not live boldly. God has a plan and a process for our lives. All we have to do in return is walk it.


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