What Is The Meaning Of Life: An Inquiry.

Lately, I’ve found myself wrestling with the age-old question; what is the meaning of life? While it sounds deeply metaphysical, it really isn’t. If you were to ask someone the question, then their answer would be drawn from their experiences (positive or negative) in their life. Their answer is simply a collection of images that either disprove or prove that they are truly satisfied with themselves.

Life is what you make it. Good, bad, or indifferent your life is a collection of choices that you made to get you here. In this moment, as you’re reading this. We are a collection of choices, positive or negative, that lead us either close or farther away from the person we wanted to be. I’ve admittedly been absent on the site for awhile simply because I wasn’t making it any closer to the person I wanted to be.

I took some time these last few months to fix that problem. I had to take the time to ask myself the hard questions. You know the ones, what am I going to do with my life? Should I really just try and follow my passions? And so on. The questions that you have to really take some time to dig up the answers. Well, I’m back now, and please pay no attention to the dirt.

And you know what, I really should have just left it there. That’d be a cold way to end a post right? I’ll leave it alone, save my mic drop for later. You really have to save these things.

Anyway, back to the meaning of life. It’s what you decide to do with your days, minutes, hours, and so on. Life is decisions that all help you design the answer. You have the choice each day to really align yourself with that version of yourself that you dream of. Even as you make decisions that get you closer to that excellent version of yourself, you will still be making decisions on how to make that you the best you possible. Those decisions are found in the small moments mostly, not the big, life-altering ones that determine how you start that amazing hero journey.



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