Space Oddity: Learning To Leave Your Spaceship

David Bowie wrote the song Space Oddity and chronicled the story of Major Tom on a mission into space. It’s an incredible song, an oddly enough it describes how I’ve been feeling lately: floating in space. Space is an endless stretch of stars and beauty, but it’s also the great unknown that lies before us. Unlimited potential, but its atmosphere is that of a vacuum that if poorly faced would leave you lifeless, frozen, and drifting inevitably.  Lately, I felt like an astronaut looking out into space. Gazing out into the deep unknown while trying to fathom how I can play a part in it.
Think about it, Space is the void between you and your destiny. It’s a sea of black that doesn’t allow you any spoilers about how things could turn out. Staring out into the future feels like that. No matter if you’re confident in yourself or not, thinking about how things are going to turn out is a big concern; one that I’ve been lazily facing like an astronaut refusing to leave the ship.
I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the big questions: where do I want my life to go, what am I passionate about, what’s my purpose and how can I make the life I want. Almost every day I’ve been quietly mulling away over these things and attempting to answer them. So I started reading, listening to podcasts, TEDtalks, and scouring the web for any insights. Researching these things gave me a lot of joy. I picked up some lessons here and there till I started talking to others about it. You can only have so much self-help in yourself before you start looking to share it with other people (something I admittedly didn’t do that well all the time) because everyone deserves a breakthrough at some point. After a few months of “training”, I felt like it was time to really try and become the T.L. I wanted to be. The bold, daring, entrepreneurial, creative and writer.  I was ready to be him, but doubt crept in and staring out at my unsure future I got stuck. The astronaut afraid to leave the ship and climb out into space.
Typically fear isn’t something we like talking about. We hate being perceived as being weak or cowardly, but I’ll admit to it. I’m afraid of failing and ruining my life because I made a poor choice. I’ve purposefully anchored myself to things that cause me pain out of the belief that they are safe. Like working in a place you hate day in and day out believe that something better will come along eventually if you just put that time in and grind. Like being in an environment that stifles your potential in hope that one day that obstacle will evaporate. Things like these held firm me in place aboard my ship and until recently that I realized how silly that was. Failure could happen either way. I could fail at being safe just as much as I could fail to head towards my dreams, so why am I letting myself stay here?
Space is scary. It can be just as beautiful as it can be unforgiving, but despite that astronauts still, dream about going out because of the potential for great discoveries. No progress can be made watching from the windows. Let go of the anchors and trusting the training life thus far has instilled in you. Everyone constantly says, “trust the process” and there’s wisdom in that. Life gears you up for the moment you’ll leave your comfort zones and head out into the great unknown. You will be challenged out there, know that but remember that every solution lies within you too.
As David Bowie said in Space Oddity: “This is Major Tom to Ground Control I’m stepping through the door And I’m floating in a most peculiar way And the stars look very different today…”
Be ready for a change, a change in perspective and that only comes through making a bold decision into the unknown, and finally, suit up and leave the ship to boldly go where you’ve never been before.


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