The Escapist’s Dream

My dream of success for a long time looked a lot like an escape plan. I would dream of making enough financially that I could do exactly what I wanted when I wanted to do it. To me, that freedom symbolized what success in life could get you. So, I went out to make that dream a reality.

And that brings us to now. I’m still trying to live that life of leisure, an admittedly I’m no closer to that goal. My dream has changed though, and with it how I look at work. I realized that I was selling myself always trying to escape into something else. In running away I never invested the time into making my life something I didn’t want to escape from. I hadn’t been paying attention to the basic principle of life: it’s what you make it. It’s a cliche, but it’s perhaps one of the most ignored mantras life teaches.
You reap what you sow; you get out what you put in, etc. What you put into this life manifests itself. The energy I was putting into running from my issues could have not only fixed them but made me better in the process. I could have leveled up the only character I ever needed to play.

Life is a game, the only reality simulator available to everyone. In this game, we are tasked with making something with our created character and enjoy the experience while it lasts. I’m an experienced gamer now, and I appreciate things as they come. Each day is a new experience and level that can either leave me joyfully smiling at the skills, or sulk because of the lack thereof, but no matter what I happen I’m still playing till I win.


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