The Climb: How Stress & Gravity Will Seek To Keep You In The Sunken Place

So you’ve plotted your courses, and prepared as much as could for the lengthy climb from the bottom of your sunken place. It’s a daunting sight, looking up from where you are right now to where you’d like to be. I get it, and I feel it too. I’d love to tell you the hardest part is going to be grabbing the first stone and beginning your climb, but unfortunately it’s not.

The hardest part of change often times isn’t the first push, but rather the continuing effort. Think about some of the times that you’ve tried to do something different. Joining a gym is a perfect example. You join and you’re so pumped to become a newer you. Going to workout on the first day is a breeze then, but continuing to go is another story. Your body and the whole world seem to conspire against you keeping it up. Your routine could change and mess up the hours you had planned to visit the gym, your body could be so sore that upon arrival you can’t lift anything close to what you were doing before, or maybe it’s your friends who now want to meet up at your gym time (assuming you don’t work out in the wee hours of the morning.). Obstacles seem to wait for you to make a change before appearing and it sucks.

Good news though, if you stick to the “climb” and continue towards the path ahead that same body and world that once caused obstacles will remove them as well. When you show Life that you’re committed to the task ahead it believes you. Now that doesn’t mean it won’t throw you some curve balls once and again to try to knock you a back into your Sunken place, but what it does mean is that things will realign with your goals in mind. Using the gym example again, once you commit to working out people take notice and you find yourself going with more pride.

Don’t let the climb deter you from what you’ve been dreaming about. Don’t let the uncomfortableness or anxiety keep you living the life you hate. Make the effort now and keep it going. Let Life see your commitment and watch how your obstacles fade into the background. Like Eric Thomas, the Hip Hop Preacher, says “you’re already in pain, why not get a reward from it?”

Being in the sunken place is painful right? Why not use that same pain to move you to a greater position in Life?

I can’t speak for you, but I’m tired of living in this cramped space so I’ve decided to make the climb this month.

Care to join me?

See you at the top,



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