The Art of Taking L’s: What We Can Learn From Celebrity Losses.

We’re taking a break from our collective sunken places to talk about the L’s that have been handed out to some celebrities lately. While R. Kelly, Usher, and Rob Kardashian get the presented internet’s L heir we can learn somethings. That’s right y’all we’re recycling L’s now: L is for learn!

First up on the L board is Usher. If you haven’t seen the hilarious memes on Instagram or Twitter yet, stop reading and go have a refresher (the Internet always wins). Usher’s alleged STD is a bad look from every direction, but it goes to show that drama can spread like a wild fire with very little fanning. Sex is the fastest route to some sort of drama so it’s something you should approach responsibly. Know your status, know your partners status, and if your out there embracing savage season check anyone else you’re dealing with as well. Herpes is a terrible gift, but it’s not as bad in comparison to HIV/AIDS that floats around in our cities. Be safe, be honest, and be respectful. Engage in sex like you would any serious business transaction and protect your greatest investment: yourself (not to give you an ego, but I mean it’s a fact).

Next up it’s Rob Kardashian, and the aura of his L deserves a deep sigh. Rob committed the rookie mistake (amongst other  glaring mistakes) of sharing his problems with the world instead of keeping it close. Social media is a flashy beacon made to keep our attention and it gets us every time. I’m sure Rob had convinced himself that his openness would give him some form of catharsis only to discover that dealing with issues head on would have been a better look.  Love hurts sometimes, and it stings like a motherfucker if not properly healed. That kind of pain can lead people to consider hurting other people to spread it around. Rob fell into that hole I think. He felt the need to inflict his pain on another person instead of addressing things in a more straightforward way. In life we can’t control how people treat us, but we can fully control how we respond to them. We can take the time to analyze our relationships and learn to walk away without causing collateral damage. It’s easy to be petty and try to hurt people, but nothing sends a stronger message than just walking away. #believeme

The Robert Kelly L is going to be quick, it’s not being awarded to just R. Kelly. Let me explain. R. Kelly has been creepy, this isn’t a new occurrence. Ever since the song She’s Got That Vibe when he shouted out “Little Cute Aaliyah’s got it” I’ve been weary. Time presented more evidence but suffice to say if you didn’t notice you obviously weren’t paying attention. This cult scandal didn’t surprise me.

Now R. Kelly truly deserves the L not only for the weird sex camp but for not learning from his past, and that’s the lesson we can take away from him. Mistakes happen. We can either decide to learn from them and in turn make better decisions or repeat them indefinitely. Learning the lesson early can save you from future headaches. Each mistake you face is an opportunity to change yourself for the better. It sounds cheesy and cliché but I promise you it’s true (It’s all in how you look at it of course). Mistakes challenge you. They challenge your thought processes, your ego, spirit and sometimes even our wallets. Learning the lesson behind our mistakes and mastering each one is the major key to becoming the person you’re looking to be.

Let’s let the L’s of these men teach us a lesson. Enlightenment is free, if you pay attention. So learn from your past, deal with your issues head on, and always know your status.





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