Stay Woke

In the myriad of work and corporate bullshittery I find myself lost. Here I am working in a position I truly enjoyed to holding on for dear life to the remnants of what enjoyment used to be. What’s this mean?

Basically being conscious (or Woke for those not in the know) in corporate America exposes you to somethings. White privilege exists and White tears are a thing. If that’s news to you I’d assume you weren’t a minority. Being culturally aware in corporate America is like playing a game on hardcore mode within a even harder game that’s rigged to make it easier for a particular population of players. Yep, let’s go with that. There’s levels to this thing.

I constantly have to wear a mask at work because God forbid I mess around and say something truly conscious but very real I could make some person truly uncomfortable and force them to pour a drop of white tears out on the unwilling game. I’d be swiftly reminded of my place and put back in line. Being aware of how it feels to experience the other side of favoritism, or just how marginalization feels make the small injustices we experience in the office setting that much harder to deal with because now I see what they’re doing. I rather regularly want to yell out “C’mon Son” during staff meetings, or whenever the corporate earnings emails go out and we once again are reminded of how much money is disproportionally distributed to the higher ups and less so the working class people who honestly deserve it (yep you thought I was going to go play the race card again, ha! I totally could still for the record but no classicism is a thing too). In the words of the sage Donald Glover, “Stay woke. Niggas creepin.”

We have been dealt a shitty hand time enough to almost develop a six sense for the fuck shit. Crazy shit can happen and we won’t be surprised (cough…cough…The election 2016). Some of y’all fell for that Let’s Make America Great Again nonsense. Trump promised y’all seniority so to speak and large amounts of whiteness, and it’s okay. We the “minorities” get it but of course we’re totally going to hold it against you. You voted a clear cut bigot into office and tried to sweep it under the rug using rhetoric like “he’s going to bring back jobs” HOW SWAY?

American government has become a major corporation, run by major corporations and you honestly believe that a man who’s run a major corporation (and still will during his presidency despite the clear violation) will change any of that? C’mon son! (shout out to Ed Lover). Get out of here with that nonsense you’re wilding. “You know nothing Jon Snow.”

Now you can totally make any excuse you want because history is made by the winners, it’s not a big deal. But just know that no matter what you believe the fact remains that we now have an interesting 4 years ahead. Who knows, maybe some of you will realize that there’s some merit to the issues the masses of woke minorities and join us….or not. Totally leaning towards not.

To everyone else though in the real world, once again, stay woke. Goodnight and good luck.




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