New Year, Who Dis?

New Year, Who Dis?

It’s the same me, and I’m graciously accepting that. A new year doesn’t give me anything but a ephemeral sense of change but to those that it doesn’t, “Cheers.”

Everyday presents the opportunity to be different than the person we were the day prior. Anyone who’s no longer a major player in my life totally believes that now (yep my brilliant reader that is indeed a petty moment brought to you by the letter W). That’s nothing new to any of us though. We change on the daily, but be that as it may a new year convinces us that we can be tabula rasa and that entices us. Even now many of us have subconsciously planned out a new us and eagerly anticipate major W’s this new year, and that’s beautiful. I pray earnestly that we all find the people we wish to be with surrounded by, and the love we need to be in.

But since it’s late and the celebratory day drinking is catching up let’s talk about something real. Half of us have people who honestly don’t deserve a new anything because they dogged the old everything. Yes this means you _________ (insert category here). We tolerated many of you out of love and a sense responsibility but we cannot for our own sanity carry you further. In this new year we the enlightened party shall not be rolling over your current plan due to lack of funding. Anyone who’s drained my soul reserve last year consider this your notice. Feel free to join the “new year who dis?” crowd and lose yourself in the masses of people who don’t know you.

  1. Ex’s: Many of you I dogged last year or years prior. That’s on me (partially in some cases) and you deserve peace. Go forth with my blessing and a commitment of no late night, midday, or morning texts claiming that I miss you (CG I’m totally guilty of that and I’m sorry. Won’t happen again Love). Here’s to looking forward, and not backwards.
  2. The Dreaded Can’t Get Rights: We tried it and things for whatever reason didn’t work. Either I was too opinionated or you just weren’t the woman you thought you were and I didn’t have the heart to tell you how much you didn’t match me (it’s a soft spot for me. I’m working on it dammit). But we shall not continue the rotation of maybes. You know, “the it’s been a few months maybe he’s changed his views”(I haven’t) , or  the “maybe I’m in a better mindset (you’re not)” line of thinking. We couldn’t reach the cruising altitude and so for the safety of other passengers we shouldn’t try to leave the runway. Nothing against any of you. You’re all winners, just not on my team.
  3. The Fuck Its: You the why should I even try, the Nothing Matters, the why should I live the lie, or more simply put “the Fuck its” are this years final topic. You have blinded yourself into thinking that your actions or your very life doesn’t matter and you’re right. It doesn’t matter…unless you make it matter.  Right now you’re convinced that it doesn’t because that allows you not to try. You in your infinite wisdom have created a mindset that allows you to stay stagnant and motionless. You’ve rationalized a shitty life through coping mechanisms that leave you empty so you believe that life is empty. Nope that’s not how this thing works. Life, real life is hard but rewarding if you get up and try to make something of it. Those that simply judge from the sidelines and tell those that are living that we lying to ourselves are nothing more than zombies dreaming of life. In your daily life happiness escapes you because you somehow forgot that it’s a daily struggle to maintain. Contentedness and Joy aren’t always going to be consistent so you must violently fight for what brings the color to your life (unless it’s killing people or other acts of serial killing. You should totally chill on that.). Don’t psych yourself out before giving the life you want a shot. Fail brilliantly and then if you don’t like how it turned out go all out in your fuck its. Until then your life already sucks why not get a reward from it.

It’s 11:28pm and all is well. I’m going to leave 2016 knowing I did the best I could and try my damnedest not to make any more rookie mistakes. Happy New Year Lowlifes. May the Odds ever be in your favor in the Struggle Game of life.



*Originally written 11/31/16 at 11:28pm so yeah, I’m a bit late. Mea Culpa.


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