Love Yourz.

I haven’t felt much like writing at all lately. There’s just been so much going on around me and unfortunately like a negligent sponge I’ve absorbed a lot of it, even when I didn’t want to. But in these last three months away from this site I’ve been blessed, hurt, driven insane, made infinitely happy, and lost all at the same time. Needless to say it’s been a very bumpy ride.

J. Cole speaks to something similar in his song, Love Yourz , where he says “there’s beauty in the struggle, and ugliness in the success.” After all that I’ve experienced I can’t say I disagree. Life comes at us hard and she pulls no punches, but the battle can be brilliant. And it’s right here that I found myself. Bloody, but unbowed. The taste of heartache and sadness still linger in my mind, but I’m happy to still be fighting you know.

So…that being said I’m slowly going to get back to writing. I mean this is the High Times of A Low-Life. What lowlife doesn’t have a wild ride?


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